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"Risen" Diamond Cross

The Risen Cross is hand-crafted from solid 10K Rose or Yellow Gold with Sterling Silver accents. This cross has 64 radiant Lab Created Diamonds having a total diamond weight of .45cts. Each cross arrives on a finely detailed solid Sterling Silver chain. All Sterling Silver is layered with Rhodium to ensure a lasting beauty for years to come.

"I lift you from the ashes."

At one point or another, we all experience hurt, shame, disappointment and fear. In these seasons of distress and darkness, amidst the accusations of our enemy, it is understandable to feel alone and unworthy of love. These times of darkness, though painful, are when we are most able to see and experience the saving love of our God, whose light fills even the darkest crevasses of our world. We must remember this truth— we are not alone.
As this piece suggests, when looking through the frame of the cross, we can more clearly see our victory and hope. As the sun illuminates the morning, the Lord will illuminate His goodness, His promises to us, and His protection over us. Jesus Christ is our holy advocate, our champion, and as He rose from the dead, He has raised us to new life through Him. Though occasionally we fall short, through the power of Jesus we will rise.
This is Risen.